MuCell Microcellular Foaming Solutions for Engineered Plastic Parts

Improved Quality & Lower Costs

Evaluating MuCell

Mold Trials

The most straightforward approach to evaluating the MuCell Process is to arrange a mold trial.  However, to carry out a successful mold trial requires effective preparation.

Trexel has conducted hundreds of mold trials during the past few years and can bring its experiences to our potential customers in order to increase the odds of a successful result.

Trexel can guide you through the following steps:

  1. Is your application compatible with the MuCell Process?
  2. What are your specific objectives regarding the mold trial?
  3. Are these objectives realistic, achievable, and measurable?
  4. If you meet these objectives is the economic case for adopting MuCell likely to be compelling?
    • Estimated investment
    • Economic benefit direct and indirect
    • Payback / ROI calculations
  5. Is your existing mold compatible with the MuCell Process?  Most molds which have been
    well-designed for solid molding will provide reasonable MuCell results provides that hot runner molds
    are valve-gated, or a cold sprue is used. 
  6. What is the most suitable MuCell Injection Molding Machine for your tool?
  7. Where should the mold trial be conducted?
  8. Who should manage the process?
  9. How to interpret the results that are obtained from the trial?  How would the process, the mold, or the part design be optimized to maximize the MuCell advantage?

Please review the MuCell Sales and Applications Guidelines and contact your local Trexel Sales Manager for assistance in scheduling a mold trial.