MuCell Microcellular Foaming Solutions for Engineered Plastic Parts

Improved Quality & Lower Costs

Implementing MuCell® for Injection Molding

The MuCell® capable injection molding machine consists of Nitrogen or CO2 supply, a SCF metering and control system, and a specialized plasticizing unit including positive screw control and a shut off nozzle. The technology can be easily integrated into new (OEM Model) or existing (MMU Model) molding machines.



Once you have decided the MuCell Process should be applied to your products, choose from one of two implementation options available:

OEM System

For new injection molding machine applications, the following licensed Trexel OEM partners can provide a MuCell® capable injection molding system.

Modular MuCell® Upgrade (MMU)

Field retrofit of existing injection molding machines by qualified Trexel technicians. The upgrade consists of a new, MuCell® capable plasticizing unit, positive screw position control, installation and training.


Additional Equipment

Whether you have decided to purchase a new OEM MuCell Machine or to install an MMU, you will need to purchase the auxiliary hardware from Trexel. This includes the Trexel SCF System (2 sizes and satellite model) and the MuCell Interface Kit.