MuCell Microcellular Foaming Solutions for Engineered Plastic Parts

Improved Quality & Lower Costs


     Trexel at NPE2018 presents advances in microcellular foaming technology

     Trexel and GK Concept have launched a new joint venture, "2Limit"

     Michael Ludwig becomes new Business Director at Trexel Europe

     MuCell takes Flight

     CASE STUDY: Automotive Rear Spoiler

     TECHNICAL TIP: Selecting an SCF (Supercritical Fluid) Type (Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide)


     Lab capabilities expand with new Ferromatik F220 IMM

     MuCell Event at Plastec

     Trexel Europe Expands with new office in Wiehl, Germany

     CASE STUDY: Instrument Panel Substrate

     TECH TIP: Physical Foaming vs Chemical Foaming

     Meet the latest addition to our growing team, Leo Devellian


     Highlights from the K show: 

  •              A new cooperation agreement with the Engineering company GK Concept GmbH, 
  •             Trexel has helped New Balance achieve greater performance by incorporating Mucell technology, 
  •             Successful partnership between Sorcole and Trexel is being intensified in the area of visible foamed parts.

     Meet 4 new additions to our growing team


Summer 2016 Newsletter

     New Strategic Partnership with SA Engineering Technology Center - Livonia, MI

     Trexel Announces New Senior Product Manager

     Trexel, Inc. Introduces the T-400 State-of-the-art MuCell® Super Critical Fluid (SCF) Dosing and Delivery System

     Trexel Announces New Strategic Technology Advisor, Dr. Hans Wobbe joins the Trexel Team


     Trexel's MuCell® Technology gives New Balance Running Shoes Premium Energy Return for the Highest Performance

     Trexel Inc and Lubrizol Partner to Introduce the New BounCell-X™ TPU Foam

     Trexel, Inc. and Milacron enter into Partnership Agreement for MuCell® Injection Molding Technology

     News from IPF Japan and Fakuma Trade Shows

     Meet the New Additions to our Growing Staff


Spring 2014 Newsletter

     MuCell® Technology Beneficial for Unique Packaging Applications

     Trexel Japan Co. Ltd Supports the Japanese Local Injection Molding End User Markets 

     Trexel's President & CEO Steve Braig Participates in the White House Briefing on Trade and Exports

     Meet the New Additions to our Growing Staff


  • K展圆满结束
  • 发布最近研发的T系列产品
  • Trexel的最新资讯
  • 3M公司与Trexel公司
  • Trexel公司开始将MuCell工艺方案也扩展到吹塑领域
MuCell® 工艺新闻, Vol. XXI, 2011年1月
  • MuCell技术成为主流
  • Trexel总部搬迁到New Wilmington, MA Headquarters
  • 采用MuCell技术生产的仪表板帮助福特赢得第41届SPE汽车创新奖比赛大奖。
  • Trexel 在NPE 2012推广新工艺解决方案
  • 最大的MuCell机器安装在德国Muerdter
MuCell® 工艺新闻, Vol. XXI, 2011年1月
  • MuCell技术®可以帮助你保持领先地位
  • Trexel在K2010告诉客户所有关于“MuCell思维概念”
  • Trexel公司宣布与Proper国际集团建立战略伙伴关系
  • Trexel公司提供关于A-级外观件/高光应用的完整解决方案
  • Trexel公司商务团队增添专业成员:Lisa Shaheen和Brent Strawbridge的简介
MuCell® 工艺新闻, Vol. XX, 2010年3月
  • MuCell®技术是一个关于创新的重要平台
  • MuCell®工艺- 设计门模块的一个更好的方案
  • MuCell®技术带来了更好的安全气囊盖设计与性能
  • MuCell®持续进步
  • Zotefoams plc 公司在英国安装了MuCell 挤出生产线
  • 贝尔 集团在宝马7系采用MuCell 技生用于空调系统的生产。


  • “新版Golf7 是不同的:仪表盘板是采用MuCell工艺成型的,很大程度地减轻重量。而且他的额外效果是:能改善尺寸稳定性,因为其减少了产品的残留应力”

    Dr. Roger Hillert
    Head of Polymer Group
    Volkswagen AG

  • Hoffer

    "Hoffer 公司业务开发副总裁Jack Shedd说“Trexel 使这种工艺变得简单,他们提供了一个非常简易的切入点并且能轻松地与他们合作”“他们在设备和设计观点上给予我们很大的帮助,并且为我们遇到的问题提供全天候支援。 "

    Mr. Jack Shedd,
    Vice President of business development

  • Nissei


    Hozumi Yoda