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MuCell Application Nominated for The Altair Enlighten Award 2015 (for information on these awards click here)

To reduce weight and meet the specific needs of Ford Motor Co., its customer, Dana Holding Corporation created a Victor Reinz® Thermoplastic Cylinder Head Cover with MuCell®, a molding technology that Dana licensed from Trexel Inc. Dana’s application of MuCell® on its cylinder head cover offers up to 29 percent in weight savings over a traditional magnesium counterpart. For more information on this award nomination click here.

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  • "The new Golf VII is different: The Instrument Panel retainer is molded with the MuCell process, significantly reducing weight.  A welcome side effect: improved dimensional stability due to reduced residual stress in the part."

    Dr. Roger Hillert
    Head of Polymer Group
    Volkswagen AG

  • Hoffer

    "Trexel has made it very easy. They have a very easy point of entry and they're easy to work with. They helped us tremendously from an equipment and design standpoint and have been here around the clock to support us on any issues that we've had."

    Mr. Jack Shedd
    Vice President of Sales and Marketing
    Hoffer Plastics Corp.

  • Nissei

    "MuCell technology permits improvements in part accuracy...process environmentally clean...applications...wide ranging fields...automobile, home appliances, IT, office Automation industries"

    Hozumi Yoda

  • Nissei

    "We have incorporated the MuCell processing technology into our manufacturing process for over 4 years now and that has allowed us to customize our designs to offer premium cushioning with a reduced amount of material. We have found the durability of these components exceeds standard foam running shoe applications – offering a longer wearing shoe with more rebound and energy return to our customers."

    Katherine Petrecca Strategic Business Unit Manager
    New Balance